Economical to more expensive (approximate):

  • Smooth or Broom Base Cost
  • Exposed Aggregate + 20%
  • Coloured Concrete + 25%
  • Textured + 30%
  • Seeded Exposed + 35%
  • Sandblasted + 65%
  • Stamped + 65%
  • Decorative Saw Cuts + 75% – 100%

These costs are for concrete finishes only – preparation costs are the same for all finishes.

This really depends on the size of your patio & what type of patio finish you desire. But the typical stamped patio costs around $4000 – $6000.

This really depends on the size of your driveway & what type of driveway finish you desire. But the typical broom-finish driveway costs around $6000 – $9000.

It usually takes about 5 – 10 working days for the typical project. Usually the removal and preparation (forming & sub-base grading) takes 2-3 days, the pour takes 1 day, and cleanup 1 day. If we are sealing your concrete, we typically wait a few days after the pour.

Exterior concrete has strength of 32 MPa and thickness ranges from 3½ – 4 inches for patios and 4 – 5 inches for driveways.

A Peak team member consults with you regarding your vision of the final product – the function of the area, colour schemes and patterns, budget, etc. – and helps design the perfect space. A project time-line is established and Peak starts its preparations. After removing the grass, organic soils, and old concrete for the new concrete area, we install and compact approximately 4″ of road base or gravel for the new sub-base. Forming the shape of your concrete project and reinforcement, either wire mesh or Rebar is next – now we are ready for the pour. After the pour we allow the concrete to cure a few days before sealing or clean up begins. Landscaping is put back and the project is complete.

I always look forward to concrete pour day. You get to see the transformation of the area within a few hours. Homeowners should keep all windows and doors closed to prevent any powders from entering the house. If you are doing a new driveway we ask you to keep your garage door unlocked for access to concrete. Stay off of the concrete until we say it is safe to do so – we don’t want your project damaged. This is usually 1 to 3 days.

Simple, these contractors are either:

  • cutting corners, or
  • not experienced and/or qualified for your project.

Companies with really low quotes are using inferior products and saving costs by preparing your sub-base improperly – this could give homeowners problems in the future. Peak’s prices are competitive with reputable firms in the concrete industry, since we all have equitable costs for labour and material.